hourly, ios app for time tracking


ios app for time tracking

time to count your time. find out at last how long it takes to get things done.

get paid for every working hour. see how much time different tasks require.

plan time you’ll need for these tasks in the future. get rid of distractions.

decide if it’s worth doing. focus only on things that matter.

making new task
list of active tasks

meet hourly. an app for those who get paid by the hour. or those who want more control over their working time. or other activities. reading books, for example. if you was always curious about how much time you spend on books, use hourly.

using hourly

say, you’re paid an hourly wage. the more you work, the more you earn. but there’s a lot of sidework around. you need to remember when you started and stopped, then write it down carefully. really frustrating job.

with hourly all you need is to tap play, pause, and stop. this is it.


for salaried employ­ees the app works as a to-do list and reveals tasks taking too long. you’ll know when your work is productive and when to stop polishing, delegate, or set more realistic deadlines.

list of active tasks with task that takes too much time
task that takes too much time

apart from work, hourly is useful for planning personal projects and limiting time parasites. check out: seems like the designer of hourly spends more time per month on cigarettes than on his pet – definitely, something needs to be rescheduled.

reading books
75 h
24 h
watching tv shows
20 h
using social networks
15 h
grocery shopping
14 h
learning english
12 h
11 h
listening music
9 h
8 h
cleaning mailbox
6 h
playing with cat
4 h