wtf is wfh

how to con­cen­trate on the right things work­ing from home

yeah, we know, the least you need right now is another piece of wisdom on your quarantine routine.

as we created our time and task manager mainly for remote workers, we have some features that might actually help you to do what everyone else only swears to do.

start tracking your work time

home has its distractions, so it can be hard to tell if you’ve worked your usual amount of hours. hourly tracks time spent on your daily tasks.

stick to the daily plan of working hours, and later it will be easier for you to get back to the office schedule.

keep finding time for yourself

the opposite danger is to work all the time since your workplace now is a few steps from your bed. but it’s important to give your brain a rest and to spend time with your family.

that’s another reason to watch your working hours. apart from it, hourly also will remind you to take breaks.

get a report on your results

demo meetings are even more necessary when your team isn’t assembled at one place.

with hourly you’ll have daily and monthly reports to remind yourself what you’ve been working on recently or to give your manаgers a quick update on your workload.

make a family agreement

how to explain to ones you live with that you aren’t on vacation? set some rules, use hourly as a sign – if it’s turned on, you’re busy.

this kind of agreement won’t work with babies and pets, but older children may be engaged in tracking their own activities—perhaps this little game will draw them from you.

clear up what distracts you most

with hourly you can track any activities. this will help to find out where exactly your schedule is imbalanced.

perhaps you want to limit watching tv series and learn some new language or exercise more instead. let numbers show you a problem and motivate you to change something.

compare where you do more

if you think of working remotely on an ongoing basis, but you aren’t sure, now is the moment of truth.

just track the jobs done for the same periods of working from home and at the office. then look on the reports—if you're more productive outside the cubicle or open space, why not work wherever you want to?

stay home.
be safe.
flatten the curve.